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We treat the whole body, offering physical and emotional support throughout the journey back to wellness.

Each patient undergoes an extensive medical work up and testing.

Tests We Utilize 

Our Services


Evaluation of Clotting Disorders -  Esoterix Lab

Lyme Test - I-Spot, Igenex, Fry Labs and Galaxy 

Allergy - Immuno Lab and Great Plains 

Nutritional Evaluation - Spectracell and NutraEval by Genova

Iodine - FFP Labs

Comprehensive Stool Test - Genova Diagnostics and MDL

​CardioGenomic, DetoxiGenomic & NeuroGenomic, ImmunoGenomic and OsteoGenomic - Genevations

Heavy Metals - Doctors Data

Mold - Real Time and BioTrek

AMAS Blood Test - Onco