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All new patients can expect to spend 3 hours with Diana Smith for a thorough intake and examination.

We typically have a 4 week wait for new patient appointment availability.  Call 913-221-0750 for scheduling.


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Olathe LAD Clinic is dedicated to treating Lyme and associated diseases.

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We do not accept insurance, however we do provide a Superbill with necessary codes and a receipt that can be submitted to insurance by the patient. 

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Diana Smith, L.P.C., APRN

Diana is dedicated to helping patients beat Lyme and associated diseases....  Read More

When I first started seeing Diana in 2012, I was receiving regular electric convulsive treatments (ECT's) for severe depression and was on medication for depression and anxiety. Thankfully, she diagnosed the cause as Bartonella and suspected Babesia and began treatment. Within a few months, I was able to stop the ECT's and the anxiety medicine. The depression has not returned and anxiety is no longer a problem. In the past four years with Diana's oversight, my health has improved markedly. I now have energy and no longer need naps to get through the day, my brain is functioning so much better and my pain is minimal. My blood tests have returned to normal for the most part and she thinks I am getting close to being done. Through it all, Diana has been extremely supportive and caring. She clearly knows what she is doing and I am so grateful for her. 


Olathe LAD Clinic has been wonderful in supporting our family through the journey of Lyme disease treatment and eradication.

- Bettina, Phoenix AZ

In 2002, I contracted Lyme Disease from a camping trip in Arkansas. For the next 10 years, I went from doctor to doctor seeking help, but finding none. In 2012, I was rebitten by over 200 ticks after walking into a nest on a hike in the woods. Within 5 months, my health had significantly and dangerously declined. I found Olathe LAD in 2013 and began treatment. Olathe LAD Clinic and Diana Smith have brought me back from the brink. They have supported me both emotionally and physically throughout my journey. I no longer need assistive devices to walk- no more walker or wheelchair. My seizures are gone. My neurological problems have slowly subsided. I am beginning to enjoy life again and finally see that there is light at the end of the tunnel of Lyme Disease.

-Denise, Shawnee, KS

I came to Diana's clinic severely sick. Unable to walk, talk until later afternoon or evening, bed ridden, in such pain, incredible brain fog, migraines, and brain quivering. My hypoglycemia was uncontrollable. I would have episodes of paralysis, and convulsions. Losing all independence and plummeting downwards. I went to Kansas as my last hope. I have now been doing treatment for 3 years and although I still remain sick there is no comparison to how I used to be.  Now being able to walk and receive independence back.  There is now hope that  one day I will be well and live a healthy life. Diana is so wise in Lyme knowledge which is essential when fighting this vicious and debilitating disease. Truly so grateful.